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Cheap commission special

Hello everyone.
I’m opening up a few commission slots,
in hope that it will get me back into drawing mode.
Because right now, I have zero inspiration or motivation.
And it has been like this for the last 3-4 months, thanks to bad things in life.

So please.
Take the chance and commission me.
This opportunity doesn’t come along very often. ;)

I am doing 1 character drawings, in the style you see below.
The price is 15 Euro a piece. And I’m only opening up 5 slots.
But if things go well, I might open up more in the future.
We’ll see.

Payment by paypal only.

Eso Istil The black hand by AztariethEso Bosmer Istil by AztariethEso Bosmer Istil by Aztarieth

Check my deviantart for better view of the drawings. :)

Please send me a description together with reference pictures (Yes, you have to have reference pictures. Character design is not included in the price.)
to me by note.
And let me know if there is any certain pose you’d prefer your character to have.
Otherwise I’ll just go with what comes to mind.

These kind of drawings I usually do in one sitting,
and for this price I will not send sketches back and forth for feedback and adjustments,
so be sure to make your description clear so that there will be no misunderstandings.

All the best to you! :blowkiss:



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