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Put a smile on my face, by letting me put one on yours. (◡‿◡✿)

It’s request time! ^^

I’m kinda out of ideas and have no inspiration coming to me on what to draw.
But I still want to draw! So yeah, problem here.

So, do you have a character you might want to see in my style?
It can be fanart, an OC or whatever is in between.

Please help me out here, and you might get a little something in return. ^^

Just send your ideas/requests to me by note, and help me get my motor running.
Don’t forget eventual reference pictures if it’s an OC.

I don’t guarantee that I will do your suggestion, this is after all free and just for fun.
But don’t be shy.
All ideas are more than welcome. ^^

I have looked up and listened to alot of artists that work in the industry. And I have yet to find even one that recommends going to art school.

"You’ll only put yourself in debt to get a diploma that you don’t need."

So the questions is what to do…
I want to go back to school, but maybe I should think in a different direction. I need to give this some more thought.

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